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Adam opens the show with David Wild in studio, and the guys talk about what Kurt Cobain would have thought of Kiss. Adam also rants about Hall and Oats, and the guys discuss bands with high highs and terrible lows. Adam then talks about trying to get a hold of Tom Cruise for his Paul Newman documentary, and David Wild discusses the upcoming Rock N Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies. Later, Adam takes fan phone calls and talks about coddled children, and a guy with 70 vacation days. Bret Easton Ellis is in studio next, and Bald Bryan gushes over the film American Psycho, which is based on Bret’s novel. Bret also tells stories about growing up in the San Fernando Valley, going to writing school in Vermont, and people overreacting to bullying. Alison then begins the news with a Forbes article about second hand smoke. They also discuss the ineffectiveness of antibacterial hand soap, and Miley Cyrus’ controversial photo. As the show wraps up, the guys watch a local news eff up, and Bret talks about getting banned from The Today Show.


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