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Adam opens the show in a bad mood discussing his shitty day. On the plus side, he had a lot of fun on Dr. Drew’s show, but earlier he got a call from his dad about cancelling his podcast, and Adam ends up ranting about loaning people money who don’t appreciate it. The guys also take some listener calls, and speak to a guy who wants to get into voiceovers, as well as a high schooler who doesn’t get the latest fashion trends.  Comedian Brad Sherwood enters the studio next, and talks with Adam about a new show he’s starring in alongside Wayne Brady and Fred Willard (among others). The guys also discuss getting paid to do improv, and how YouTube has opened the corridor of success to younger and younger people. Later, the guys play a round of Made Up Movie.  Today’s top news story is about Mitt Romney’s visit to the NAACP convention, only to get booed when discussing Obamacare. The guys also talk about the death of the Scantron inventor, and Adam recalls doing horribly on those types of tests. As the show wraps up, the gang discusses the Daniel Tosh scandal, and why comedians shouldn’t get burned for things they say on stage.


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Mitt Romney Booed

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