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Adam and Bill Maher sit in Bill’s home theater for a one-on-one chat. Adam asks Bill about where he grew up, and the path that lead him to his new online streaming stand up special. They also discuss some amazing stats about human beliefs, and talk about the growing Atheist movement in America. Adam also rants about people not bothering to listen to him, even though he’s proven to be a success.   Bill talks more about his father’s career, and also his high school and college experiences. He and Adam reflect on their old single lives, and the idea of making up for high school once you become successful. Bill then talks about the difficult task of building skills as a stand-up comedian.   In the last part of the show, the guys discuss how great it is to have a job that’s flexible from one project to the next. Adam and Bill also talk about their relationship with smoking pot, and Adam asks Bill about his passions outside of comedy. As the show wraps up, they talk about keeping the old school spirit of comedy alive.   Check out Bill Maher’s free, streaming stand-up special (beginning Thursday 2/23 at 7:30pmPST/10:30pmEST):

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Producer: Mike Lynch Producer: Mike Dawson Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson Newsgirl: Alison Rosen Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop Associate Producer: Gary Smith Technical Director: Chris Laxamana Show Summary: Matt Fondiler