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Adam opens the show with Dr. Bruce in studio. Dr. Bruce is upset because a patient yelled him at earlier in the day, and Adam shares his thoughts on the entitlements associated with health care. Healthwatch stories this week deal with exercise vs. hair maintenance, the power of booze and diet soda, and what motivates spouses to get fit. Adam also complains about the stupid baby helmet that Sonny was supposed to wear, even though he’s been fine without it. Author Ben Shapiro is in next, and he talks with Adam about the culture of fear in the US, and how the left’s political correctness plays into it all. They also talk about moral deficiency, voting based on identity instead of policies, and examples of racism in Europe. Alison then starts the news announcing that Christoph Waltz is going to host an upcoming Saturday Night Live. They also talk about bad Beyonce pics, a nine-year-old who gave birth, and Canada phasing out its penny. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss the anniversary of the Patty Hearst kidnapping, and Adam tells stories from the hippy school he grew up in.


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Producers: Mike August, Mike Lynch, and Mike Dawson

Co-Producers: Gary Smith, Chris Laxamana, Matt Fondiler and Jeff Fox

Newsgirl: Alison Rosen

Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop