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Adam welcomes Bai Ling back to the show, and recalls the last time they spoke. Bai discusses her sobriety, and some of her past experiences with alcohol. She also talks about her new single, ‘Rehab,’ which is a song about how it’s possible to have fun when you’re sober. Adam then asks her about her experiences as an entertainer in the military, and Bai talks about meeting both Muhammad Ali and the Dali Lama. [singlepic id=6655 w=150 float=right] Adam and Bai then talk a bit more about her experiences on Celebrity Rehab, and some of the things she learned from Dr. Drew. They also talk about whether she’s still in touch with any of her housemates, and Bai discusses the importance of passion and honesty in her relationships. As the show wraps up, they talk about Bai’s perception of China and the US, and Adam hears a bit about an average day in the life.


Download the new single ‘Rehab,’ and visit

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