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Adam welcomes Anna Faris to the podcast right at the top of the show. The guys talk about her relationship with Chris Pratt, and Adam talks about how people cope with sudden massive success. They also discuss Chris wanting to go into the sausage business, and the group takes a fan phone call about therapy dogs. Next up, Bald Bryan reviews ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ for this week’s Baldywood. After that, the guys take a couple more fan phone calls, and Adam talks to Anna about how he thinks she can get more male listeners.

Gina then begins the news with the latest on the Trump campaign trail. They also talk about Richard Simmons allegedly having his life controlled by his housekeeper, and a crash at Phoenix International Raceway. Adam talks to Anna about the mentality of a racecar driver, and the guys discuss the death of musician Keith Emerson. As the show wraps up, Adam talks about the cement Clint Eastwood head that’s in front of Carolla Studios.



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