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Adam opens the show discussing his day at the museum with Sonny. He’s also still reeling from people misunderstanding the joke on the back cover of his book, and rants about getting woken up early by Ray on his birthday Sunday. Teresa then begins her Parents of the Week segment, which covers wandering kids, kids high on drugs, and why horses cheat on their mates.  Today’s guest is author Anna David, who recalls meeting Adam even though he doesn’t remember meeting her. Anna and Alison also talk about their ‘Red Eye’ days back in New York, and Anna discusses the release of her new Kindle single. Adam then explains his theory of why men and women need to be approached like dogs and cats.  Alison starts up the news with a story about a naked Floridian who was shot after eating someone’s face. The group then talks about a teenager who was thrown in jail after excessive school tardiness, and another story involving the guy who killed the first milk carton kid. Next up, the guys jump to the phones to speak with a caller who’s trying to get over being pissed at his ex-wife. The show then wraps up with a discussion of the return of Hard Knocks, and the frustration of when pilots don’t get picked up.


Anna's Kindle Single, Animal Attraction, is available now on Amazon. Visit for more info on today’s guest. You can also follow her on Twitter @AnnaDavid. And don't forget to check out and follow her on Twitter @TeresaStrasser


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