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Adam opens the show ranting about adult males who are super excited for the new Star Wars movie. David Wild is also in studio, and the guys talk about Adam’s horrible youth and our hypocritical policies on sprinklers and water conservation. Adam then takes a fan phone call about motivating your students, and talks with this week’s Mangria Moment. David points out that it’s Tom Petty’s birthday today, so the guys spend some time talking about their favorite (and least favorite) tracks. Before the break, Adam takes another fan call about ‘buzzed driving is drunk driving’ signs, and then discusses the Road Hard photo book nameplate situation.

Comedian Anjelah Johnson is in studio next, and Adam talks with her about Lynette forgetting to bring him an In-N-Out Burger. Anjelah then discusses being a cheerleader for the Raiders for one year, and how she transitioned into performing standup. The guys also chat about how women act at the nail salon, and play a round of Greater Than Less Than with Travis. Today’s news then starts with a story about a guy who went out of his way to hit two motorcyclists who were trying to pass him. They also discuss research that suggests men are more compelled to have sex over eating food, and the latest update of Oscar Pistorius being released from jail. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about anal waxing.



Watch Anjelah’s standup special, ‘Not Fancy’, now available on Netflix. You can also visit and follow her on Twitter @AnjelahJohnson

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