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Adam opens the show talking with Alison about how hard it is for guys and girls to stop peeing mid-stream. Andy Kindler is also on stage, and talks about making waves for saying certain things about other comedians. Adam then talks about how success is measured by how far we look into the future, and the importance of believing in delayed gratification. Bald Bryan then reads off some audience questions, and Adam complains about blenders, high school field trips, and social disorders.  Before jumping into the news, Adam rants about his dog Molly’s high-end kibble. Alison then discusses a new candy corn flavored Oreo cookie, and a porn company being sued by Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Later, the gang chats about a guy in prison getting a sex change, and why listening to complaints may be bad for your brain. They also talk about a guy who faked his own death to propose to his girlfriend, and some body language myths. As the show wraps up, Alison discusses the awkwardness of learning about sex through her gynecologist.


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