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Adam opens the show discussing a bottle of champagne that Seth Macfarlane sent, and encourages fans to send us more stuff to consume. He then talks about a couple champagne-related stories, and discusses the podcast he recorded earlier today with Norm Macdonald (available for download Thurs 12/22). Alison opens the news with the story of Sandusky waiving his right to a preliminary hearing and maintaining his innocence. She also talks about Trump no longer hosting a Republican debate, and Adam goes on a rant about crappy music. Also in the news is Jessica Simpson receiving millions of dollars for an endorsement, and the butter shortage in Norway. Later, Adam shares his thoughts on Russians and racism.  In the last part of the show, Andy Dick and Marshall Cook join the podcast. Adam talks with them about the physical comedy and all-star cast of their new movie ‘Division III: Football’s Finest’. Marshall then discusses booking the national tour to promote the film, and Adam and Andy joke about college hazing. As the show wraps up, Andy talks about a couple broken relationships in his life, and Adam helps him come to terms with being misunderstood.


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