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Adam opens the show talking about a conversation he had with Dr. Drew about privilege, and not showing your resentment toward people who continuously claim to be victims. He then plays a clip of Michael Moore on Stern pretending that he’s not a millionaire. Brad Williams also calls in, and talks about being on the road all the time doing stand up. The guys commiserate over the hotel room experience, and not being able to watch porn on hotel wifi. Later, Adam breaks down Kanye’s performance on Saturday Night Live, and Bald Bryan reviews ‘Deadpool’ for this week’s Baldywood.

Andrew Stockdale is in studio next, and Adam asks him about the roots of his band, ‘Wolfmother’. Andrew also talks about his favorite places to perform, and the frustrations of having a giant entourage traveling along with the tour. Next up, Gina begins the news with a story about the death of Surpreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia. The group also talks about a very heated GOP debate, Burger King Hot Dogs, and updates to the Whole Foods line of products. Other news stories involve Meryl Streep and Camille Cosby. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about Ted Cruz pulling an ad after discovering there was a porn star in it, Caitlyn Jenner attempting to shift fault in her car accident lawsuit, and a guy who was arrested for pissing himself while shoplifting at a Walmart.



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GOP Debate


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