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Adam opens the show discussing some of his travel woes from a very long weekend of performing. Stories include getting lost on the way to the venue, spending bonus bucks in the hotel, and getting accosted by a drunk guy in the elevator. Matt Atchity then enters the studio and talks with Adam and the gang about some new movies like Looper, End of Watch, and Dredd 3D. Adam then welcomes Andrew McCarthy to the show and talks with him about his path to acting. The guys also chat about the Pretty in Pink premiere that they were both at, and Andrew’s second career as a travel writer for National Geographic. Adam then shares his love of ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’, and talks with Andrew about his directing career. Alison opens the news discussing some controversial Fox footage of a man killing himself. The guys then laugh about some classic news reporter guffaws, and Adam recalls the ‘Lineman Dyke’ controversy. Other news stories include Danny Bonnaduce being bitten by a fan, Justin Bieber barfing on stage, and a new bill that will give juvenile delinquents a second chance. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss Taco Bell’s new Mountain Dew morning drink and a new tablet made just for kids.


Click through our Amazon link and pick up your copy of ‘The Longest Way Home.' You can also follow today’s guest on Twitter @AndrewTMcCarthy, and visit his site for more info: Also be sure to visit, and follow Matt on Twitter @MAtchity.


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