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Adam opens the show complaining about everyone being terrible at their jobs, and some confusion over the log line for Road Hard. Adam then takes a fan phone call about how the process of making a film has changed over the years, and Bald Bryan reviews the film ‘Whiplash’ for this week’s Baldywood. Adam also takes more fan calls about strip club DJs, and bizarre Loveline calls.

Amy Alkon is in studio next, and Adam chats with her about her Nashville Rambler, and the evolutionary explanation for why people are ruder these days. He also complains about John Waters movies, and the guys listen to a clip from Harris Wittels, who recently passed away due to a possible drug overdose. Gina then starts out the news with highlights from this weekend’s Academy Awards. They also discuss Kanye West getting into the video game biz, a potential new NFL stadium in Los Angeles, and leaping octopi. As the show wraps up, Gina reads a story about a ‘last meal’ ordered by a woman on death row.


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Whiplash Clip

Kanye Video Game

Leaping Octopi

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