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Adam opens the show by discussing the one-year anniversary since the release of his first book, even though he’s not sure if anyone in his family has read it. Adam then follows up on the ridiculously offensive Caylee Anthony costume he saw on TMZ, and Alison opens the news discussing Casey Anthony pleading the 5th amendment 60 times during a civil court deposition. They also talk about Jimmy Kimmel hosting the upcoming White House Correspondence Dinner, and Bald Bryan discusses trying to put a no smoking zone in front of their house. 

In the second half of the show, Adam jumps to the phones to take a relationship call from somebody in New Zealand. Alec Baldwin then surprises us all with a special call in, and Adam talks to him about his love life and raising kids. Alec also talks a bit about his experiences on 30 Rock, and whether or not he’d ever consider running for mayor. Adam isn’t sure they can top the show after the call, so it wraps up quickly after that.

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