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At the top of the show, Adam rants about piss on the ladies room toilet at the studio. Adam then takes a call from Dan Frank, and the guys discuss the state of Veterans’ Affairs these days. Dan talks further about his work, coaching Veterans in whatever areas they need to grow in. They also discuss his own experience flying jets, and his amazing military career. Dr. Drew then calls in to clear the air about the bathroom situation. Later, the guys listen to the clip of Family Guy making fun of Adam, and Adam analyzes a recent speech from Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Alan Tudyk and Jim Margolis are in studio next, and they talk to Adam about their fake news show, ‘Newsreaders’, and the early days of Cartoon Network. Alan and Adam also realize that they are in the same scene of Wreck It Ralph, and they celebrate the work of classic voice over artists. Alison begins the news with a story about the cause of death for Joan Rivers. They also discuss Oreo Churros, shy bladder, and big celebrities doing unnecessary commercials. As the show wraps up, the guys chat about the dangers of texting and driving, a woman wearing a crystal meth shirt who got caught with crystal meth, and the days when Adam dated a stripper.


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