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At the top of the show, Adam talks more about his race in Fontana over the weekend. He also talks about watching Jurassic World at Phil Rosenthal’s, and how proud he is of his kids not needing adult supervision at all times. Adam then takes out his racing undergarments for Gina and Bryan to smell, and takes calls for a round of Hobo Power. Adam also discusses what he would do if he ran a prison.

Next up, Bald Bryan reviews the new Pixar film ‘Inside Out’ for this week’s Baldywood. Gina then begins the news by discussing President Obama’s appearance on Marc Maron’s podcast. The guys also chat about the problems with the way news is delivered, Van Halen’s latest scuffle, and Taylor Swift’s problems with the new Apple Music service. As the shows wraps up, the guys talk about ATT getting busted for severely slowing down their data speeds without telling customers.



Inside Out Clip

Obama on Maron

Sammy Hagar

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