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Adam opens the show talking about a hilarious exchange with Dr. Bruce after last week’s podcasts involving the free cheesecake that was brought to the studio. Adam then discusses confusion leading up to his Sacramento trip, and rants about our country’s hypocritical stance on gambling. Adam also takes fan phone calls about betting on old Loveline callers and fighting speeding tickets. Later, Bald Bryan reviews the new doc ‘Amy’, for this week’s Baldywood.

Today’s news begins with a story about the end of ‘Hulkamania’ at the WWE. The guys also discuss a fire at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas, crazy food at the Orange County Fair, and bathing in your favorite beverage. Other stories include more trouble for Bill Cosby, and a family who set a man a fire after throwing fireworks at homeless people. As the show wraps up, Gina talks about her photo shoot with Fabio.



Vegas Pool Fire
Take A Wine Bath


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